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Co-creation workshop : breaking down professional silos


Silo mentality negatively impacts creativity and innovation. Discoveries are mostly made at the margins of different disciplines. And yet, artistic practice is often a solitary thing. This workshop facilitates interdisciplinary professional development to collectively build a thriving, more supportive artistic community in the Outaouais region.

As we believe that community interaction is critical to developing a more robust ecosystem outside the studio’s walls, this workshop seeks to spark unexpected encounters between artists of diverse horizons, to provide you with a boost of inspiration and to think outside the box, using brainstorming techniques and other creative experiences. Together, we will try to imagine fresh projects and create meaningful connections between artists who would not have met otherwise.

The day focuses on co-creating and bringing the group together to produce mutually valued outcomes based on collective intelligence and self-management, that is to say that the group can decide how they want to catalyze the cross-pollination.

This workshop will be in English only!

Registration fees
 :  100 $

Workshop value per participant : 400 $


Target audience:

Artists of all disciplines and cultural workers from the Outaouais region.


Workshop facilitator : Hanneke Ronken

Design, creativity, insights and strategy. Hanneke is an innovation strategist with 10-year experience in the non-profit field. She helps organizations rethink their relevance in the digital context by co-developing adaptation strategies with their teams to face the future with confidence and authenticity. She is an expert at leveraging teams, research, analytics, tech and client insights to create integrated business solutions which are desirable from a human point of view, technologically feasible and economically viable.



  • Please register before September 20, 2019
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Date :
26 septembre 2019
Lieu :
Prix :
100$ / pers.
Heure :
9 h 00 - 17 h 00

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